AI based automated customer service solutions

aiden.agent integrates the most advanced AI technologies. It can support up to 40 languages, handle 30-50% of communication (voice and text), and work just like a real agent. Artificial agent – real value.


Optimise your costs,
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Introducing aiden.agent, an innovative customer service solution that harnesses the power of AI to transform the way businesses engage with their customers. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, aiden.agent offers a human-like experience that sets it apart from traditional approaches.

The high-quality speech synthesis engine is based on natural voice data and it can speak like a native-speaker. It has advanced speech-to-text functions that understand words like no other software, creating the same feeling as talking to a human. No waiting time needed – aiden picks up the phone instantly anytime. It can be trained to do anything for you.

How aiden.agent works

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aiden.agent features

With aiden.agent, customer support becomes effortless as AI-based agents handle frequently asked questions, tackle complex tasks, and effortlessly navigate seasonal peaks in demand. This automation ensures optimal customer experience (CX), while simultaneously optimizing resources and maintaining exceptional quality.


Available up to 40

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    aiden.agent in operation

    The implementation of aiden is preceded by a systematic analysis based on 25 years of call center experience. The subject matter expert team analyzes inbound calls and transactions and our QA analysis team conducts gap analysis and segmentation. We determined the percentage of transactions that can be automated instantaneously. In this case, we have analyzed more than 125.000 transactions. Up to 50% of transactions can be automated using artificial intelligence reducing the workload on human operators with 24/7 coverage enabling the ultimate customer experience. Overall, out of 125.000 contacts, aiden.agent was able to handle 42% of cases, saving 30% of costs.


    aiden.agent is available in text channels

    aiden is an omnichannel tool that can also be used in text channels to communicate with customers. This can be a valid alternative to voice-based services. aiden can be implemented in chat interfaces and can also be used to support major social media websites.

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