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Minimized risk, unprecedented visibility, maximized CX

The system checks 100% of your company’s communication, including mood analysis for real embedded NPS measures. It ensures transparency, proactive complaint management based on pre-defined rules, eliminating legal and quality risks, reducing complaints, enhancing customer experience, optimizing costs, and boosting revenue.

Increase revenue & profit with more satisfied customers

Minimize the risk with reducing human errors:
When designing an environment when you can make sure that all of the legal requirements are told to the customers and eliminate the potential risk of unforeseen legal cases or brand damages.

Focused and detailed quality analysis:
The tool provides the opportunity to focus on the major issues and increse the general level of quality of your organization. Moreover you can optimize your resources and allocate them on to the most valuable tasks.

Increase revenue and maximize ROI with satisfied clients:
High standards of quality at frontline brings more satisfied customers, who in turn bring in new customers, has an impact on basket value, etc.

Mood analysis – Maximize your CX

Preventive complaint handling & churn management

With the Sentiment Analytics enhancement, the system provides instant feedback on customer sentiment, ensuring preventive complaint handling and seamless satisfaction measurement.













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    I consent to be contacted by at the telephone number I have provided, as described in the Privacy Policy. * features provides transcripts of all conversations. Your management team can better allocate your staff to more difficult tasks and create more value. Automated mood analysis can help indicate the level of happiness of your customers. In case any negative feelings are detected, can instantly escalate the conversation to the QA team. If there is a system failure, a mass error alert is available.