AI-based front & back-office tools

Our tools cover a wide range of back-end process optimisation, from AI-based warranty management processes to a knowledge base supporting customer services.





Back-office assistant tool

Swapcom is a new innovative, back-office assistant tool created for companies in the field of customer service. The development and automation solution enables a faster and smoother warranty process for customers and partners, thereby increasing time efficiency and customer satisfaction. Simplify the customer journey, and empower your employees.

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Knowledge base system

SuperchargeU is a knowledge base system where agents can perform customer service tasks more accurately and by increasing the customer experience. The platform serves as a centralized repository of information, insights, and solutions, offering a wealth of benefits to businesses, employees, and customers alike.

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DOQ Co-Pilot

Data management app

Experience data management reimagined. Our Cutting-Edge Data Management App isn't just a tool – it's a catalyst for innovation. With Robotic Process Automation, rule-based automation, and document generation, the app optimizes operations, ensures compliance, and accelerates decision-making. Embrace the future of data management today.

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    aiden.apps features

    aiden.apps can be integrated with your existing systems via API connections. Automation of rule based processes is possible and it can prepare you for situations for decision-making or handle cases automatically for you. aiden.apps can be fully tailored to the business requirements of your company and it can integrate with both aiden voice and